Through our company, CSR-Support and its dba Cyber Support Solutions and via our client-side proprietary solution, we can make it absolutely certain that only properly vetted persons can gain access to your critical data assets, or control of critical infrastructure. Secondly, and uniquely we can also ascertain in real-time, if authenticated persons have undergone a behavioral transformation like what happened to Snowden, Manning, and Lubitz. 

Some areas where you might need help are:
1.Water system controls that provide needed water for data center air conditioning.
2.Configuration control of “Power Transfer Switches” that automatically transfer power between the public power utility and on-site emergency power generation systems.
3.Physical access to high security areas like your data center and vaults.
4.Access, remote or on- site, to Computer Platform and data storage, controls and configuration.
5.Data Breach free access to your lower cost Cloud Hosted computer platform.
6.Data Breach free access to your applications by Tele-Workers, Outside Contractors and insiders.
7.Data Breach free access over low speed and high latency connections from anywhere.
8.Access by your outside contractors to your critical areas or computer platform(s) wherever they are.
9.Approved users of applications may now want to conduct activities for which they are not allowed while in applications they are allowed access to.
10.Access to the storage of critical data and the inability to copy, delete, download or upload files therein. 

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Telecommunications & Cybersecurity
The key to long term protection of networks and the causes of Data Breaches lie in the Network, and the IDENTITY and ACCESS MANAGEMENT of its users.

“We must better protect our networks (Telecommunications, Power, & Water) from harm; and provide certainty to application managers that users are the same persons with the same mindsets NOW, for those who were authenticated and granted access to applications.”
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