• TC began providing ethical telecommunications consulting services in 1972.
  • As a result of the firms ethics, and ability to understand, design, implement and aid its clients, the firm made a reputation for itself among many prominent large organizations, while also helping small companies and start-ups. 
  • TC has been sought after by attorney's to help them with their clients (Expert Witness) in both the state and federal court systems. TC's expert opinions and discovery have helped to avert financial disaster as a result of a lack of proper knowledge by the court.
  • At TC we strive to teach our clients so that they have the necessary knowledge and skill sets to help themselves. You need not employ a consultant to do what you can for yourself, with proper training. "The Best Measure of a Consultant is the ability to Teach him or herself out of a job." 
  • TC's Consultants can be expected to be among the leaders in telecommunications knowledge and experience, however in this world with ongoing changes in technology, it is equally important to continue to be a student of change and how this change can make its clients more efficient, self supporting, and do so at a reduced cost. 
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